Good news

Good news!!! In Australia and New Zealand, the obtained the NO.3 in the first day box office ranking! In Melbourne central HOYTS and Sydney George Street Event cinema reached NO.2 record. The No. 1 is < Avengers: Infinity War>. Congratulations!!It is an amazing result. This result is related to the innovative themes, perfect story and professional actors and actresses.

A young business elite Xiaonian Zhong (ZHENG XU), was imprisoned in a house. Every day, a mysterious man will reveal one of his darkest secrets to the world. At the same time, his wife (LIKUN WANG), friends and business partners were all been dragged into this incident one after another. Being imprisoned, how will Zhong combat this challenging situation? How will he escape from the house and fight the mysterious man and complete the salvation?

In the aspects of actors, XU ZHENG didn’t film any movies in the past three years. However, he through to prove he is a professional actor, not a professional comedian. This is the first time for Xu Zheng to corporate with Wang Likun. A wonderful script is the only reason to attract and gather these professional actors and actresses together.

In the aspects of filming and production, ZHENG XU is an expertise in the filming and film production area. He also is the producer of . He helped the fresh young director a lot. Meanwhile, the director of this movie used to living and studying in the west, therefore, he is an expert of western filming skill and embedded his skills in this movie.


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